Inner Guidance

Yesterday was an emotionally challenging day for me. The cause was nothing really specific. It was just a combination of a bunch of things: my alarm didn’t go off, and I overslept. It was rainy and gray outside. I paid my bills (never fun), and realized that the new outfit I was hoping to buy for going out this weekend (more on that later) wasn’t going to happen. People keep asking me questions about a transition that is happening in my job; I don’t know the answers, and I feel anxious about it. David is looking for a job, which is gnarly business for anyone, but particularly for someone like him who has never really had to learn how to look for one. It stresses me out, too. And the walls are starting to really close in on us at home. Five adults and two large dogs make for a pretty crowded house. I felt bummed out for all of yesterday afternoon, and into the evening. I almost didn’t work out. But then I did. And I felt better.

I didn’t get enough sleep last night, and I woke up feeling bummed out again this morning. I drove to the bus depot feeling bummed out. On the bus, I wasn’t going to read because I didn’t feel like it. But then I did. And I felt better. I was reading a passage in Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul by Deepak Chopra. It was about the inner guidance that we humans have. Intuition, instinct, or soul – whatever you want to call it; I think it exists. I’ve seen many examples of it in my life. The funny thing about this inner guidance is that life is so much easier when you follow it, but people so rarely do. I’m no exception. The less you listen to it, the quieter it gets. The more you listen to it, the more it seeps out into the physical world and starts giving you direct signs of which paths you should be taking.

I think that the main thing that makes it so hard to follow intuition is how deeply rational society has become. I mean, doesn’t what I described above sound a little like schizophrenia? Listening to your “inner voice”? Looking for “signs”? All of us are a little afraid of losing our minds. So we hold on to them like a vice; allowing nothing to come in that doesn’t seem rational. Unfortunately, that vice also keeps positive things, like creativity, from going out. But isn’t it our minds that drive us crazy in the first place? Would we really be so depressed if we could stop thinking about all of the negatives? If we weren’t thinking of all the negatives, would we be spending that energy on doing the positive?  Maybe losing a little bit of our minds isn’t such a bad thing.

So, letting go of a bit of my mind, being irrational, I’ve been reflecting this morning on the times in my life when everything just fell into place. When I chose my college. When I met my husband. When I quit a bad job. When we were planning our wedding. I’ve also been thinking of the times when my intuition, and all the signs, pointed to one thing; but I did the rational thing instead, and ended up losing. When I stopped writing. When I went to school for Arts Admin. It doesn’t always have to be a major decision. Your intuition could point you to turn left instead of right, and it could end up making a huge difference in your life.

In the last year, I have made some rational decisions that also felt intuitively correct. Encouraging David to quit his job at his family business and follow his intuition to be a healer. Moving back in with my family. These are not decisions of the variety where everything falls easily into place. These are decisions of the variety that take patience. But there have been signposts along the way that have told me that I did the right thing. If I can keep my awareness open for more, and not get dragged down by negative thoughts, it’s going to get easier. The more open I am to positive change, the more opportunities I’m going to see for it.

When was the last time that everything just fell into place for you? Was it obvious? Were you open to it? Or did it seem crazy?

6 responses to “Inner Guidance

  1. Would we really be so depressed if we could stop thinking about all of the negatives? If we weren’t thinking of all the negatives, would we be spending that energy on doing the positive? Maybe losing a little bit of our minds isn’t such a bad thing.

    I guess this is the reason for escape mechanisms like exercise, food, TV, drugs, and alcohol. They allow you to let your mind wander elsewhere so you’re not so focused on all the negatives.

    To be perfectly honest, I have been under stress too–due to at least one of the reasons you mention plus several others which are unique to my own situation. I’m not usually so uptight and distant but the constant questions of what’s next coupled with school, home life, and a new baby are troubling for me lately. Honestly I wish they wouldn’t have told us anything until the axe fell. It would have been a lot easier for me to deal with at least that part of things.

    It’ll get better, I promise. Best of luck to you and Dave 🙂

  2. When I started teaching dance! I had this thought that I should let my dance instructor know that I had a interest in teaching, but I didn’t. Randomly at a rehearasal I sait to another instructor, “You know, if you need more teachers I’m interested.” She got schocked and said “Who told you!”

    I didn’t know anything of course, but turns out the beginning teacher had resigned, but they hadn’t announced it yet. Of course she hooked me up and know I’m a teacher!

    I’m dealing with this right now. I’ve know for a probably 3 years what I should be doing as a job, but I haven’t done anything about it, letting a ton of excuses out there, not the least of all, being trapped into supporting my household. Anyway, I am finally doing something about it, this week in fact.

    Although, I’m so scared that it won’t happen, and then what will I do….I’m trying to let go of this fear as well so it doesn’t inhibit my opportunties!

    • I know. It is scary. And it is totally weird how the brain revolts against these changes that we KNOW we should make.

      I’ve been learning HTML to help me gain some footing with my intended career path. I even LIKE learning HTML…but I’ve still been dragging my feet with it! I don’t know why…but, I’m going to keep going with it!

  3. I just have to say, I love this post. Sometimes our intuition leads us towards difficult situations, yet in the long run, with a little patience, they will be the best decisions. I love that you and Dave made the decision together for him to leave his family business and become a healer. I know a couple of healers, and I just have so much confidence that this is Dave’s calling. He has an aura about him that I haven’t seen in many people. He just gives people a calmness.

    In terms of things falling into place. . . I’ve been really lucky that things with the adoption fell into place. In terms of getting the paperwork done, Taher finding new employment, and things like that. I feel very lucky!

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