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A General Update on the Last Two Years

Bless me readers, for I have sinned. It has been over two years since my last post, though I have continued to sit on my domain name (because something inside me knew that I would be back).

Over the last two years I have learned much more about how endlessly full of shit I am (and how that is no different from most human beings). So there’s that. I have also learned how to enjoy things more, which mostly involves trying not to think about about how my B.S. stacks up against the B.S. of others. Both of those learnings have come courtesy of getting older and still not getting what I want, as well as the kick-in the pants of having a chronic illness (that a lot of people don’t believe exists).

To bring us up to speed, here is a bullet list of items that could each be a future post, but might not be:

  • I still work at my corporate job, though I have been promoted a couple times and now feel like I’m pretty good at what I do there, which helps my attitude about the whole thing.
  • I still live on 10 acres of a hobby farm with my husband and dog, except now we have another dog AND my parents and their dog have moved in with us (the between-the-lines there is that we still don’t have any children). Lots of adjustment and turmoil related to that move.
  • I have not finished my Thai Yoga Bodywork training/certification. That whole process got hijacked by my corporate job. I am registered to finish the training in October, and will then need to do volunteering and some other things to finish the certification.
  • After 10 years of random efforts to figure out a weird variety of symptoms, I was finally diagnosed with a strange and fun cousin of chronic Lyme Disease. I actually tested positive for it on a lab test (which makes me lucky – the tests are not the most reliable when it comes to false negatives for borrelial infections, which leads a lot of people to a lot of feeling crazy). When you have had it for 10 years, there is no cure. There is only remission.  Having a diagnosis and struggling to do the treatment have sucked up a big part of the last year.

Those are the big headlines. There have also been some trips, lots of yoga, some hiking and camping, the usual assortment of concerts and social engagements, etc. Also, somewhat unbelievably, I have taken up running (I KNOW!). And I finally planted a garden again this year. That’s all for now! Thanks for letting me reintroduce myself.